Dating advice for Jewish and Christian or Catholic singles

Original photograph by LAI Hiu-yeung Ryanne

Religion is not very important for everybody, but for some people it is a matter of life or death. What happens if your boyfriend or girlfriend is part of a religion which conflicts with your own? Will you be able to ask him or her to abandon it? Will you consider changing your beliefs to adapt to his or hers? How important can this be in your life? How will this affect you in the future? These are questions you must think about very seriously if you are going to start dating Jewish, Christian or Catholic singles.

We have prepared some dating advice for you in these articles:

Advice for Jewish singles

What do Jewish singles believe in
    • How is a Jewish wedding

Advice for Christian singles

What do Christians singles believe in
    • How is a Christian wedding

Advice for Catholic singles

What do Catholic singles believe in
    • How is a Catholic wedding