What do Jewish singles believe in

Photograph by Sheldon Wood

More than sometimes, the future of a relationship between a man and a woman who love each other is determined by their beliefs and by how much one of them is ready to give in to ease things for the couple. Here you have a list of the main beliefs Jewish people have. Knowing them in advance will let you understand and decide if you are ready for additional steps after that.

First of all, Jewish people believe that God is an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent being which is not limited by the human concept of matter. They believe God is good and wants all people to transcend this life to another one. God’s name is formed by four consonant letters which mean "I am" and, as pronouncing the name of God is forbidden outside the temple of Jerusalem, people call it Adonai, which means "my Lords". The plural is not a mistake.

Next, from the Jewish point of view, men and women are the image of God, which means they are all born equal. Jewish people believe every person has freewill and the right to do what they like, they commit to follow the ten commandments and the set of additional rules which are part of their moral code.

Jews believe in a promise that God made to them: He will send them a Messiah who will bring peace and unity to the world. They do not believe Jesus was this Messiah, but they believe that Moses was the main prophet of His prophets.

If you were born from Jewish parents, then you are a Jew. If you aren’t, you need to undergo a conversion process pursuant to the Jewish Law. Jews never lose this status, even if they deny the Jewish principles of faith.

For a Jew, the Sabbath is a sacred day and they respect above all because it was the day in which God rested after the creation as well as the day in which Adonai freed them from the slavery in Egypt after the Passover. For a Jew it is forbidden to carry out any activity which may be included in one of the 39 categories of work stipulated in the Jewish Law. They usually attend religious services during this day: from the sunset of Friday to the sunset of Saturday, every week. Of course, Jews have got other special days and holidays.

Jews have other customs too. The first one is the circumcision of every male boy at the eighth day of life. The second one is either the Bar mitzvah (boys, at the age of 13) or Bat mitzvah (girls, at the age of 12 or 13), by which Jew boys and girls are start being considered Jewish adults. It is often celebrated allowing the new adults to read a portion of the Torah in public and to lead the prayer. The fourth one is the ritual of death and mourning, which may last from 7 days to 11 months.

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