What do Christian singles believe in

Photograph by Robert Wallace

Often, the future of a relationship between a man and a woman who love each other is determined by their beliefs and by how much one of them is ready to give to ease things for the couple. Here you have a list of the main beliefs Christian people have. Knowing them in advance will let you understand and decide if you are ready for additional steps after that.

Christian religion is monotheistic. They believe that God created everything in the world, including man, and gave man the control of the earth, to exploit it and benefit from it. Man, however, disobeyed God's instructions and was expelled from the Paradise, losing his privileges and seeing himself forced to work to survive. This brought pain to man, so God promised to send a Savior to restore the order between good and evil, and the friendship between God and man. Christians believe that this Messiah is Jesus Christ, the Son of God itself.

To affirm Jesus is the son of God, Christians compared his life with the prophecies of the Old Testament, finding he fulfilled them all. Living without sinning, dying, and being resurrected by God. Jesus Christ's sacrifice reconciled God and man bringing grace and peace to all mankind as a hope of salvation.

Hereinafter, the main belief is that God offers his salvation to every man on Earth, but that He will only save those who listen to His word and accept it. At the same time, He commands all believers to spread the word of Jesus Christ's doings and the salvation he obtained to all people on Earth. Christians believe that Jesus is in Heaven waiting God's order to return to the world to carry out the end of time, witness the resurrection of those who have died, and carry out the final judgement, after which Jesus will fully establish the Kingdom of God in fulfillment of all prophecies.

Christians are very strict when talking about following the Word of God (the Bible) and constantly urge others to do the same. A good Christian has the Bible as one of his or her most powerful weapons. When they get together, conversely, their prayers, songs and, in general, their mood is usually very joyful.

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