A Christian wedding

Photograph by Patrick

A Christian wedding is simple yet nice. Groom and bride gather with their guests, they provide a special place to their parents and grandparents as a sign of respect for previous generations and sometimes they light candles as a sign of life.

The father gives away the bride after the opening prayer. After that, there are a call to worship God and some songs. Next comes the main part of the ceremony: the minister reminds both groom and bride of their obligations, groom and bride reaffirm on their will of getting married and next exchange vows and rings. After this (and according to the congregation), the couple may light a unity candle as a symbol of their new life together. After the minister pronounces the new marriage, a closing prayer is made and the couple is introduced to the rest of the assembly.

For Christians, a strict obedience to God's precepts is very important; that's why, you probably won't see a big celebration: alcoholic drinks, big parties, or loud music. That's their way to help you avoid the temptations of the world (as they see them, at least) and the consequences of being drunk, approaching to a disordered life or exposing you to a lustful thoughts while you dance.

How likely is for a Christian to change religion for love?

Quite possible if you can tame the evangelists' almost-fanatic behavior.