What not to do to keep a man

Believe it or not, there are some men out there who want more than just casual sex from a single girl. Have you found one of them? Hey! That's great! Now just make sure not to make these mistakes, as many men have confessed us these are the most important turn-offs for keeping interested in a relationship:

Do not behave (too) childishly. OK, some spoiling is all right once in a while, but if you want him to treat you as a baby every time he sees you... OK, he will do it, but he'll start looking for someone else after that.

Do not accept to have sex too fast. Believe it not, and ironic as it does sound knowing them as we do, though you have always heard that men live striving for sex, they also use sex to test us. What do they want to know? They want to know how much you care your own reputation and how much respect you have got for yourself. Their logic is simple: If you get laid with them too quickly, it means you have done the same with other guys in the past, which drops your 'level' to his eyes right into a grave.

Do not be too possessive, nor demanding, nor jealous. The man is a man, OK? Sure he will once in a while look at other girls' silhouettes as you walk with him. You won't be able to stop that. Show him you care and have him respect you.

Do not be aggravated. If he once says you look terrible with that blue dress, it does not mean that he is saying that you should not wear blue clothes ever again nor that you are ugly nor fat nor stupid nor old nor a whore. He is just saying that the damn blue dress does not suit you in the specific occasion in which you are asking. Capisce?

Do not be materialistic. Most men will gladly pay for your drink in the finest restaurant if he finds it a nice thing to do. However if you ask to go to one of those snobbish places once and again, he will think you only care about his money and look for some real love somewhere else.

Do not use sex as a weapon. Never. You know it works, but blackmail is a nasty thing to do in any relationship. Trying to use sex to get the things you want or to 'punish' your fiancé if he did not satisfy any of your wishes is, decidedly, the worst thing a woman can do. You are not only showing him you want to control him and the situation with your body; you are clearly telling him with this attitude that he is nothing for you but an object you are using to get what you want.

Do not take two hours to get ready. OK, all women know that looking great is very important for any and all of us, but taking two hours to get ready is much more than a common man is used to. If you are really going to need a lot of time to get ready for going out, take into account that you need to be a considerate woman as well.

Do not be too possessive. So, if he wants to go for a drink with the guys, as long as it is not to a strip club, you should "allow" him to go. Both of you deserve some time on your own, don't you agree? Call the girls.

Do not spend the whole evening criticizing other women. Though it may be one of the feminine most popular sports, men will think you are criticizing him when you are with your friends and they hate that.

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