What not to do to keep a man


Do not spend the whole evening criticizing other women. Though it may be one of the feminine most popular sports, men will think you are criticizing him when you are with your friends and they hate that.

• Do not call him 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love', 'love' all the time. He has a name, remember? Use it, and not only when you are arguing about something.

Do not be a drama queen if you broke a nail. OK, mention it, but do not expect too compassionate a reply or a word of support. On the contrary, he will think you are superficial if you abuse of this kind of comment. Men will never consider breaking a nail as something important, so don't insist. Once in a while so he can spoil you a little is OK, but if you abuse, you are over.

Do not mention him every little change in fashion trends. He does not (and will not) care about it. Besides, he will consider you a superficial woman.

Do not behave like if you were dead in bed. If you do not want to have sex at the moment, say it and let your man go for a cold shower for five or ten minutes. However, if you agree on lovemaking, do not just lay on the bed waiting him to perform by himself; have sex with him, and dare to show some initiative too because they will love that

Do not suggest buying a poodle as family dog. Come on! You already know the answer to that!

Do not offer him salad as a meal. If you are on a diet, it is not his business. Never ever play with a man's stomach, girl. That's a capital sin.

Do not dress like a prostitute. The term "sexy woman" will never ever be a synonym of slut.

Do not pretend you are virgin if you are not. Honesty has not killed anybody. Besides, it may also be important for your reproductive health.

Do not talk about marriage if you are less than a year together. In a man's brain, this usually means a lot of money and obligations, maybe the last things in which he is thinking about at this stage of your relationship (now, if you are pregnant, things can be different).

Never trust your man for pregnancy prevention. Go to your doctor, ask her everything you want to know and use your contraceptive method timely and properly.

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