Before you start dating (again)


Pick up (and shuffle) your deck of cards. Dating is a game in which you have to keep the other person interested in continue dating you. That is the only way in which you can lead the other single person you like into the relationship, or marriage. So think on how you going to get dressed and what will you talk about; but also think what are you going to leave for your date's imagination, like Scheherazade did with her thousand and one tales.

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So, singles, review your life before dating. This will help you spot and focus your more attractive traits, not to mention the ability to control the way you are going to show yourself to the opposite sex. Think also on what you are going to ask your date to get to know him or her better. And make sure to also have some surprises up your sleeve. Have fun.

Develop your friendships. Sure you have noticed that many people just fall in love over and over again, haven't you? Would you like to understand why? Easy: People who do not have many friends can get easily impressed by "stunning" things they "surprisingly" find in others when they start to date, things that are just normal for more experienced or socially active folks. People who have different friends from different places, environments, social circles and even countries usually have a broader scope of what they like and dislike in a potential partner and can decide what they want to find in a fiancé(e) more accurately. Those who do not are the ones that usually end up in problematic relationships and subsequently dating singles again... sometimes, after the issuance of their decree of divorce.

Load your weapons, start your engines, or however you want to call it. In plain English, no one will consider dating with you if your shoes are dirty when you walk by. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it definitely gets in through the eyes, ears and nose. So, do your homework. Spot your "strong points" and tune up, mark your weak ones and look for intelligent ways to conceal them. Learn to recognize which of your traits attract the opposite sex and how to enhance them intelligently. Learn how to reduce the importance of your weak ones. This is more than dating advice, this is a dating 'must'... even if you are signing up on a singles dating website like,, or

Never exaggerate or pretend. These are the two worst mistakes people can make when dating, posting a personals ad, or the like. These will always be seen as signs of solitude and desperation, not to mention the two most devastating turn-offs available in the game of love.

Charge up your batteries. Hello? How is that mood today? Are you happy? Feeling all right? At ease? No? Then how do you think you are going to attract the opposite sex if you are bored, sad or feeling miserable, huh?! Cheer up! Come on! Go for a walk, read a new book, visit a gallery, do something different, relax and do it today. S-m-i-l-e...Smile! Dating requires a good mood. Nobody will flirt with a sad person.

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