How to know if she likes you

Original photograph by Frank Kovalchek

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions people ask in singles and advice websites and one of the most difficult to reply as well. Fortunately, women's body language speaks for itself; and other attitudes can also help you read her real intentions. Just be careful not to misunderstand: a sexy single can really like you or she might be just flirting to enjoy herself. Check out.

Sixteen tips to help you know if that sexy girl likes you

• The girls' pupils will enlarge when she talks with you.
• The girl blushes when she looks at you.
• The girl calls you by your full name, George Henry.
• The girl compliments you.
• The girl flirts like a friend, but she holds the look or the touch a little more than usual.
• The girl flirts with you more often or more intensely than with the other guys or friends.
• The girl gets into activities to spend more time with you. Example... Hi! Same gym? You and I? Since yesterday? Oh, I see...
• The girl gets upset if you delay your phone call.
• The girl gives you a pet name!
• The girl gives you a small present without reason.
• The girl looks at you and keeps some eye contact.
• The girl mirrors your posture or rotates her body to get it towards you.
• The girl plays with her hair while looking at you.
• The girl starts using another cologne.
• The girl stops flirting with the other guys.
• The girl uses that special tone of voice only with you.
• The girl smiles at you.
• The girl invents excuses for being with you.
• The girl writes "friend" in quotes in SMS, IM or e-mail (this is the most obvious).

Is she doing these on you? Then how long more are you going to wait to ask her out, huh?