Keep yourself fit, without obsessions

This article is more than an advice for single women. It can even be a life-saver.

At 4 p.m., Laura went to the boutique to buy a dress. At 8 p.m., the same Laura returned home pretty disappointed to sit down in the sofa, sob and watch TV. She felt she was too fat and nothing fit her. Did this sound familiar to you? For most single women, it did. The curious thing is that it doesn't matter how many times someone has to tell you that bulimia, anorexia, low self-esteem and other disorders exist or that, if you do not make some adjustments in the way you see your own life, thoughts like those ones can damage you. Will you let an obsession set in your brain the wrong idea that, if you are not perfectly fit, you do not deserve to be happy?

Photograph by Marco Gomes

I think you need to accept it, girl: To have all your hair, face, eyes, nose, lips, neck, back, chest, breasts, arms, armpits, abdomen, waist, buttocks, vulva, thighs, calves, feet and nails perfect at the same time is impossible... even for the most renown actresses or top models. We have all got some moles, scars, signs or freckles; we need to wake up early in the morning; do plenty of stuff and then return home to do some other plenty stuff before going to bed and sleep every day. To have a perfect single-woman body is simply impossible.

On the other hand, don't you know how men are? When we are dressed-to-kill, offering a generous-but-not-absolute view of our bosom with a low cut, or a good way to have them imagine our buttocks under those very-very-very-sexy pair of tight jeans; they drop like flies. So there is no need to become dolls, girl. Who urges us to be perfect? I know: we do... But the point is that there is no need to obsess anyway. Just aim yourself at having some healthy standards:

Number one: Eating properly. Consider investing in a nutritionist and you will see that is more beneficial than eating a lot and then running to buy one of those bloody magazines for a flash diet. You will glad for it in the long term. Your body too.

Number two: Exercising. Although it is very hard the first two weeks (because you don't have the habit), committing yourself to exercising will be more beneficial to you than just keeping your derrière in its place. There is no need to sign up at a gym if you don't want to, but fifteen minutes to half an hour a day can do a lot for you. Don't forget Kegel exercises to enjoy a better sex life! ;)

Number three: Reading something. Important? Sure! There are two kinds of women for most men: Sexy single women they just want to have intercourse with, and sexy single women they would want to take seriously for a relationship. Which kind of woman do you want to be for them? Show them you have also got something to talk about and they will treat you differently.