Women unveiled

Photograph by Agon Syla

Men, you know it: women are strange. Remember school? Boys playing with boys, girls playing with girls? Those were good times! No women except for mom and sisters (if any). Then adolescence came and ruined it all. Though women are extraordinarily motivating for us (and you do know why), sometimes it is so hard to communicate with them... Well, that's resolved. This article is one of the best pieces of advice for single men ever. It is about understanding women. Priceless material, gentlemen...

Was it easy to get this dating advice

Yes and no; before I could start writing this article, I had to talk with a lot of different women, married and single women who were quite surprised (and also amused) of hearing a man was interested in finding out the "differences between men and women" and providing "his buddies" with the "secrets of how women think" as if they were "that complicated" (aren't they?). Some of these serious and sexy single women even laughed at some of my questions and replies to their comments. However, after hearing a few dozen times that "every woman is different" and that none of them could talk on behalf of the rest (as if I had never heard it before); and afterwards thanking me for being "so nice to treat me to a drink without wanting to take me to bed afterwards" (grr... keep chivalrous, man, keep chivalrous, thank them and just grin...); at the end the topic was so promising that they gladly accepted to stay and talk it over.

As I was treating, anyway, they stayed longer...

Women and the world

The first thing I need to mention that men and women have different genitalia. Yes, I know that is not new for you, but did I mention the psychological consequences of our basic biological difference? No? OK, the fact our genitalia works outwards and theirs inwards has a very deep consequence on the way the fair sex thinks and sees the world. Read on.

Women's brains works inwards>outwards. Meaning: They are going to concentrate on themselves before thinking about the rest of the world. This explains why those "eternal" terms of "five minutes" are usually enough to watch half of a soccer match. During those "five minutes", they are exploring their worlds, you see? They psychology commands them to behave like that.

This doesn't happen when a woman becomes a mother. When women talk about their children, they usually move the woman to second place. Also take for granted they will turn into fierce merciless lionesses if they need to defend their children. Is this one of the instincts that has allowed us to survive as a species? Maybe, but this article is not an anthropological study, so let's go on. The point is that, for a woman, her children are more important than her and will always be.

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