Attract him

Every single woman must know that men love it when...

• She asks for advice, but not only about electronics, gadgets or other typically "male" stuff.
• She eats like a person and not like a bird.
• She holds her hair with a pencil.
Photograph by Bryan Fenstermacher • She is independent, but doesn't make him feel an accessory.
• She is more than a superficial girl.
• She is not a daddy's girl.
• She is playful.
• She kisses him creatively.
• She knows how to enjoy a good conversation, too.
• She knows how to reply intelligently to a sarcastic joke.
• She knows how to walk and how to dance.
• She knows how to get dressed (and undressed).
• She knows what she wants in life.
• She knows what she wants to do.
• She learns how to behave childishly without being spoiled.
• She gives him an unexpected phone call.
• She shows herself feminine.
• She shows herself sexy and smart at the same time.
• She shows she reads newspaper or books, not just those bloody magazines.
• She knows how to dress to attract the opposite sex.