Approaching her

Show your manners. If you approach touching her round, firm, terrific or whatever buttocks or breasts, you will get a slap on your face not to mention a possible fight against one of her friends, coming to protect her honour. Step by step, love is like soccer, not like baseball. I mean, dealing a single woman is not a matter of hitting and running to a base to stay safe; it is a matter of running up, running down, looking for an empty spot, even shooting sometimes out of the bounds until you can get a chance to shoot and... score (and you know how glorious is to score). As long as you don't make such a foul you get a red card, you will be all right.

What to avoid

Lots of men make these mistakes when they try to approach a woman they want to meet or date. Take them into account as very special dating advices:

• Avoid approaching drunk. Drink some water to lower your levels of alcohol before coming close.
• Avoid approaching with a bad breath.
• Avoid behaving like someone who wants to win her approval.
• Avoid trying to touch her either too fast or recklessly.
• Avoid pick-up lines which may be considered cheesy or flattering. (please!)
• Avoid talking to her breasts instead of her! (very important!)
• Avoid forgetting she has a body language. Learn to read it instead.
• Avoid forgetting she has insecurities too. Help her feel comfortable, little by little.

And enjoy your fishing.

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